Last meeting of the EU project “Horses teach me how to find my way” 2016-19

Our Association participated from May 13th till May 16th in the final meeting of the transnational project “Horses teach me how to find my way”, coordinated by Trag, the Greek Association for Therapeutic Riding.

The meeting took place in Berga, some 100 km from Barcellona, in a nice small town in a wonderful surrounding of mountains and countryside. All partners, Festina Lente from Ireland, the University of Nevsehir (Turkey), Trag (Greece), ourselves and our hosts, AEDEQ, were represented with more than 12 people.

The aim of this final meeting was not only to visit AEDEQ, the Spanish organisation providing therapeutic riding, but to summarize all the activities that were carried out during the project and to finalize the results.

During the preceding meetings various aspects were treated going from the psycho educational approach in Horse Assisted Interventions, leading techniques, horse training (for the specific aim of therapeutic riding sessions) and remedial vaulting.

The value of the project is to create common strategies in the therapeutic, educational and recreational interventions (all included in Animal Assisted Interventions) and to disseminate the results through our website, facebook page, workshops, conferences and other means.

And let us to forget the great value of the intercultural exchange, a meeting point between social and cultural parameters which are an enrichment for all!