Annaelle and her experience at Anche noi a cavallo

Good morning everyone!

I’m Annaelle and I’m from France. 

I choose to leave and do my EVS just after finishing high school at 18 years of age because I wanted to discover a new culture, a new country, a different world from mine and to learn new things, a new language, a new job and to meet new people. 

I arrived in August 2018 and stayed for one year. When I first arrived I didn’t know any Italian, anybody, or anything about the work I would be doing! I did know that I really liked working with disabled people because I would like to become an educator. Thanks to my colleagues and the friends I met, I quickly learned the language, the culture and the job. I really enjoyed working with the team, the horses, the children, the users, I learned a lot about this field and even more about myself, I grew a lot while volunteering.

It is a very satisfying experience, I recommend it, I got very attached to this new world and all the people I met know how happy I was at the Association, thanks everybody for everything and see you soon!