About Us

01The Beginning

This is how it all started. The love for animals and the knowledge that most people, with or without disabilities or impairments, benefit from Animal Assisted Interventions, convinced us to create a therapeutic riding centre.

The non-profit organisation Anche noi a cavallo was founded in 1987. It opened its doors in Porcia in 1990. Since then Animal Assisted Interventions, including therapy, education and other activities, have been our mission.

02What we do

We offer several Animal Assisted Interventions for people with Down Syndrome, Autism, cerebral palsy, MS or any other impairments. Hundreds of people enjoy and benefit from the treatments, from the presence of our animals and welcoming environment.

Animal Assisted Interventions cover the therapeutic, educational and social areas. Our Team includes professionals in all fields and together with the carefully chosen animals they create tailor cut programs for each single rider.

03For whom

We try to meet ever changing needs, creating new opportunities for everyone. People of all ages (from 2 to 70 years!), with physical or mental disabilities, sensory problems or in situations of social exclusion, all have a great benefit from the presence of our animals.

Anche noi a cavallo is not just this. We have many other proposals for children, teenagers and adults, from summer activities to horse-based approaches throughout the school period. Discover the Other Activities

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