Our Animals

Our horses are our most special workers! All of them have been carefully chosen for this particular job. We carefully consider their character, size and health in relation to the responsible work they have to carry out. During the past 30 years we worked with many different breeds. We have come to the conclusion that there is no specific horse breed for Equestrian Assisted Interventions.

There are horses that are fit for this kind of therapeutic and educational life and others that are not! It is important that these hard-working horses are continuously trained and that they are very well taken care of. Good collaboration goes together with the well- being of these dear animals.

There are always other animals at the riding centre as well: cats, dogs, sheep, chickens or rabbits. These all love to be patted and to receive a treat as well! Carrots, stale bread, dog or cat cookies or apples are much appreciated. Our animals are always happy to see our clients and make them feel welcome. All of them contribute to the positive and lively atmosphere of Anche noi a cavallo.


Breed: Haflinger

Date of birth: 1990, in Associazione since 1993
Coat: chestnut
She is our Granny, so sweet with children and so sour with other horses… She is quite small and therefore a good horse for children. She is trustworthy and can be used for vaulting, therapy and basic riding lessons. Thanks to her lovely smooth trot even the smallest children can experience a faster trait.


Breed: Freiberger-Franches Montagnes

Date of birth:1991, in Associazione since 1998
Coat: bay
She is the other irreplaceable veteran of the group! A tireless mare, very sweet and patient. Suitable for all types of AAI: in particular she is always a guarantee for AAT, even with the most difficult users. She is also a teacher for the beginners.

Zoppas VII

Breed: Italian Breed

Date of birth: 1995 in associazione since 2009
Coat: sorrel
A big horse with a particular character, but if you get to know him, he becomes the perfect horse for riders who want to learn how to ride by themselves. During the summer camps he turns into a “coach”, carrying up to four children at a time!


Breed: Appaloosa

Date of birth: 2006 in associazione since 2011
Coat: appaloosa
He is the good giant who does not realize his size and often behaves like a bull in a China-shop! He is a big horse that can be ridden by heavier riders who use the patient hoist Thanks to him we can also implement the technique of maternage with adult users (carrying two adults at the same time for him is not a problem). He is also used for vaulting with bigger children and users.


Breed: Italian Breed

Date of birth: 2001, in associazione since 2015
Coat: sorrel
A very elegant horse with a sportive gait, but too sensible to be used in therapeutic sessions. However, she is a very safe horse for independent riders: a patient and tireless teacher for those who want to learn to trot or canter.


Breed: Quarter Horse

Date of birht: 2004, in associazione since 2015
Coat: palomino
A horse with a golden coat that has proved to be a golden horse in every sense! He is very sociable and generous at work. Moreover, the fact of being not too high and having a narrow chest makes him particularly suitable for users with spasticity in the lower limbs. In addition to being suitable for all types of AAI, he is also a good riding and vaulting horse for children.


Breed: Haflinger

Date of birth: 2000, in Associazione since 2017
Coat: chestnut
She is our most recent horse: a beautiful roundish horse with a long golden mane. She is calm and serene and proves to be very suitable for therapy as well as for riding. We are working patiently to improve her vaulting performance with younger children and in just one year the results have already been positive.


Breed: Shetland

Date of birth: 1994, in Associazione since 2018
Coat: chestnut
After having lived for a long time in a pony club teaching small children, Pippo has come to Porcia to enjoy his retirement. He gets alot of attention and from his side he helps us to keep the grass mowed and, like an old grandpa, he carries the smallest children around or keeps those people who cannot ride company. They love to groom him and take him for a walk!