The Volunteers

Our precious volunteers play a very important role in the daily life of Anche noi a cavallo. They include young scouts, old Alpine soldiers and students from near and far. People from very different walks of life who dedicate part of their spare time or holidays to our therapeutic riding centre. Our volunteers greatly contribute to making Anche noi a pleasant and welcoming place for our clients.

They also help us in looking after our animals. There is always so much to do! Our clients and their families always look forward to meeting our volunteers who, with their smiles and helpfulness, make their day a better day! To guarantee professional and safe working conditions for both our clients and volunteers, volunteers who help during the riding sessions and who take care of the horses, follow a special training programme.

Since 2000 European volunteers from Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Greece, Romania and Spain have also been a great and indispensable help to us. In 2005 Anche noi a cavallo became a hosting organization of the Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service program, making it easier for volunteers and Anche noi to find each other.

Some of our Volunteers



I’ve started my experience in “Anche noi a cavallo” as an apprentice and I’ve continued as a volunteer. I always loved horses and my passion about them became even greater when I realised the important role they have in the treatment of people with disabilities. This knowledge enriched me greatly and gave me the possibility to get to know this field, that in many cases isn’t evaluated properly, and to get others to see it’s value.



What can I say about my experience at Anche noi a cavallo? Well, it has definitely been an important and maturing and I had the possibility to meet some marvelous people who I still hear and see today. The environment was very stimulating and full of values like respect, comprehension and love for the people coming there and for the animals living there. I would like to thank you for the opportunity and a big hug for the staff!



It’s already 4 years that I come to Porcia every Tuesday morning. My job is to keep clean and organised the external part of the centre. I often work with people making special working programmes. For me it is very important to feel useful.



After many years serving the Government, now that I’ve retired, I’m very happy to be helpful in an environment such as Anche noi a Cavallo.

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