A.A.E. Animal Assisted Education

Animal Assisted Education (A.A.E.) is a planned and structured intervention designed to promote improvement in cognitive and relational functioning.

It involves a specifically trained animal-handler team and the educational goal is to activate and develop personal capacities in the emotional or relational sphere and enhance self-esteem.

A.A.E. may be provided in a variety of settings, in groups or individually and possibly in nature. It can be implemented for people of any age. There are specific goals for each individual involved and the process is documented and evaluated.

Main applications for A.A.E.

  • individual projects / primary and secondary school projects;

  • relational problems during childhood or adolescence period;

  • emotional and psycho-affective disorder;

  • behavioral disorders and social-integration difficulty;

  • prolonged hospitalisation or repeated stay in healthcare structures;

  • activities in nursing home for elderly people or psychiatric patients, underage facilities, detention centres, etc. 

  • health conditions of illness or disability that include house nursing.