A.A.I. Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal Assisted Interventions are activities in which various species of animals are employed to give specific physical or psychological benefits to humans. Animal Assisted Therapy, Education and Activities are examples of types of Animal Assisted Intervention.

These interventions require the involvement of a multidisciplinary team that, based on the specific case, is composed of health, pedagogical, psychological professionals with diverse tasks and responsibilities.

The single intervention is personalised on the particular needs of the patient and requires specific medical prescription. Animal Assisted Education (AAE) and the Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) are appropriate also for people without disadvantages.

Official guidelines for Animal Assisted Interventions (A.A.I.) – In Italian

A.A.T. Animal Assisted Therapy

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A.A.E. Animal Assisted Education

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A.A.A. Animal Assisted Activities

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