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Help Anche noi a cavallo by contributing to the many expenses we have in keeping our horses in good shape and the maintenance of the premises.

You can do so in many ways: online, through a bank transfer or simply by coming to visit us in Porcia!

We need your help!

Donate online

Choose one of the amounts you find on the form or fill in an amount of your choice. This is a quick, simple and safe way to help us.

We all know that horses are very expensive to maintain… Stable costs, feeding, shoeing and ordinary medicines amount up to at least 200€ a month. Would you like to “adopt” a horse or contribute to his maintenance? You can do so by giving a monthly or yearly contribution. We and our horses are very grateful!
Or donate 50€ or any other amount of your choice and you will become a member of Anche noi a cavallo and receive our Magazine and updates on the ongoing activities.


Dona il tuo 5×1000 Basta una firma sulla tua dichiarazione dei redditi indicando il nostro codice fiscale: 91009860932

Grazie per il tuo aiuto

You can also help us using the traditional bank transfer or coming to visit us in Porcia!

Choose the payment you prefer or come to visit us!

Bank transfer

Make your transfer online or at your bank:
>Banca Prossima di Pordenone
>Associazione Anche noi a cavallo
> IBAN: IT49G0306909606100000156449