A.A.T. Animal Assisted Therapy

The therapeutic interventions aim at solving physical, neurological, psychiatric, cognitive, emotional and relational problems. These therapies are tailor cut and require a medical prescription.

Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding are Animal Assisted Therapies on horse back. The horse and the professional medical intervention improve the patient’s health.

The different phases of our therapeutic programme include maternage, hippotherapy, therapeutic riding and social re-integration in very complicated situations.

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Maternage and Hippotherapy

These are the first steps in particular for small children and for those people who have no trunk control. Our specialized team defines the programme.

Therapeutic Riding

It improves posture, balance and mobility while developing a therapeutic bond between the patient and horse. The person rides independently and also in this case our Team elaborates a detailed programme.

Social re-integration

This is an important rehab resource in the field of social integration, re-education and rehabilitation in particularly complex cases.